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Here's What My Clients Are Saying...

"Working with Elizabeth was an amazing experience. She is genuine & authentic which allowed for immediate trust between coach & client to develop."  

"I came in today to meet with Mrs. Colen to learn how to regain focus for my next chapter of my life.  I have had coaching sessions before but I must tell you, it was so refreshing to be walking out with positive clarity & excitement for my next step in my new chapter.  What was so refreshing is you know how you want your friends and family to listen to you and give you feedback and some kind of clarity and all you get is their opinions, yes their opinions because they already know what you are going to talk to them about they already know what they are going to say instead of listening to your obstacle that you are trying to overcome.  Well not today!  Mrs. Colen has put a new bounce in my walk, renewed my spirit and helped me to overcome the things in my past that have been holding me back.  With Clarity and a Action Plan in front of me, the future  looks bright!!​"

        I am a 40 year old business professional who was struggling to find passion, drive, and purpose in my career.  I have been successful in my career but yet I lacked confidence.  I felt like my job was something that I did well but not great.  My job provided me with an adequate income but left me unfulfilled and full of self-doubt.       I wanted to find work or a job that I can do almost instinctively, a job that I was meant to do, a job that aligns with my natural abilities, and that I would excel at naturally.  I felt that if I had such a job that I would feel a sense of significance and purpose which would build my confidence.  
         I meet Elizabeth and honestly didn’t know what to expect at first.  I think I expected a pep talk or some kind of motivational discussion, but that’s not at all what it was.  As Elizabeth and I discussed my concerns; her compassion, insight, and her confidence in me was immediately apparent.  I felt a connection to her almost immediately and felt that she knows me better that I know myself.  Elizabeth was tuned into what I described to her and she was able to not only get me to visualize my path forward but also helped me to identify the specific actions that I can take to achieve my goals.  
        I am very grateful for my time with Elizabeth and honestly feel that the decision I made to have her coach me was a turning point in my life.  I highly recommend Elizabeth’s coaching services to anyone who is looking to overcome an obstacle, take on a new challenge, or to rekindle their fire for success.
Best Regards,

Yashica Mack, MS

“Being a coach myself, I can appreciate Elizabeth for not ‘telling’ her clients what to do, but for taking a journey through their wants and needs to help them understand what to do. Her style of listening is special and almost rare these days, and I appreciated her time and knew the importance of mine from her actions during our session. I feel so much better to have organized and set dates for my goals, which Elizabeth helped me realize I could accomplish in under three weeks. Though I successfully coach business owners on their events, I know my business will benefit from working with Elizabeth. My personal life will see positive results, as well. I highly suggest everyone have a Confidence and Conditioning Coach. Get Elizabeth Colen!”

Crystal R. Hayes

 Tris Davids