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How I Can Change Your Life Today!

You will walk away from your session feeling renewed and energized!  I will  help you to find what motivates you and excites you and then aid you to set goals and move into action so you can begin changing your life right now.  As your life coach, I will motivate you to push the envelope, nudge you out of your comfort zone, and become your support system.   Call me today to begin living a more balanced, energized, purposeful and productive life. Why you ask? Because you deserve it!

My Story

I'm a  devoted mother,  wife and a small town girl from Texas.   Like you,  I always had big dreams.  As a little girl,  I imagined myself traveling the world someday.  I knew the world was a big place and I wanted see and experience it for myself! I utilized the power of visualization before I even understood the tool.

As soon as I graduated from high school my husband got stationed in San Diego, California.  This is it, I get to leave this small town in pursuit of my dreams, ready to rule the world!  It didn't take long before I realized, this girl wasn't in Texas anymore.  Without the love and support of my family I felt alone and  quickly lost my focus.   As the thorn dug deeper in my life I began to lose other parts of me like my self-confidence, direction, and passion. It took it's toll on me and I became depressed and what followed was a felling of being stuck in my life.  All I did was work to keep food on the table and raise my kids.  I was letting my day run me, instead of me running the day.  I lost my purpose and turned to food for comfort. I blew up to size 24 and weighed over 247 pounds!  I was officially obese.  Although I  was great at my job, I wasn't feeling passionate about the work I did.  I would mask what I was feeling inside and tell myself and others that I was happy, my health was telling the truth and saying something different.

 I realized that simply wishing for a healthy fit  body was not going to happen the moment  I was told I  had to have my gallbladder removed.  I knew, If I wanted to change my life and get all of me back I had to take action! I designed a plan for myself and immediately went to work.  I continued to use the power of visualization to obtain my goals and loose over 115 pounds that I have maintained for eight years now and counting!

Not only have I overcome obesity, I found myself again and took my life back! They say, "The bigger the storm, the brighter the rainbow".   If I can change my life so can you!  My experience has led me to find my true passion in life which is to inspire others in the pursuit of their own dreams to accomplish their goals and begin living the life that they deserve!  As a Confidence coach,  I can help you to find your passion, chart a new course and set goals to realize your dreams;  whether it be through health and fitness, family and friendships to meeting your career and business goals. Let me become a part of your team to help you harness your dreams and make them come true today!


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